Celebrating MCT Regional Lead announcements

Hello, my dear Cloud Marathoners!

As a #cloudmarathoner, I am excited 😍 to share with you 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 an awesome news that I have been selected as MCT Regional Lead for the year 2024 from the USA 🎉

I would like to thank everyone, including my MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) colleagues who nominated me for this important role to help our community of MCTs.

Special thanks 🙏 go to Dwayne Natwick, 🎼Brian Gorman, Jared Bell, Jason Keplinger, and Microsoft MCT leadership for recognizing my #community contributions and continued support👏

🤔 Well, who are the MCT Regional Leads ❓

MCT Regional Leads are a group of experienced MCTs committed to providing community connection and support to MCTs at the regional level. The Regional Leads promote MCT career opportunities, mentor new trainers, and continue to advocate for programs and resources meeting MCT needs.

I am truly thrilled to meet, collaborate, and contribute with fellow MCT Regional Leads and the MCT community from all around the world 🌍 🌐

📞 Need help from MCT Regional Lead then let’s connect 😉

Check out my LinkedIn post on this matter an feel free to ask questions in comments section.

Microsoft DevOps 🚀 Engineer Expert certification renewal

Hello, my dear friends!

I am very glad to renew the Microsoft DevOps 🚀 Engineer Expert certification for another year 👍

The #cloudjourney and learning never stops ⛅❗🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️

What is included in the annual assessment?

This exam assesses the following DevOps skills:
✔ Configure processes and communications
✔ Design and implement source control
✔ Design and implement build and release pipelines
✔ Develop a security and compliance plan
✔ Implement an instrumentation strategy

Your Support is Appreciated!

Thank you 🙏 T-Rex Solutions, LLC for a strong and relentless learning culture and for supporting my Microsoft #MVP journey 👏

In Summary

What is your next #certification#renewal ⁉ 🤔
Please, share in the comments 💬 below or on my LinkedIn post page.

Happy New Year and Congratulations to “Awesome Azure Bicep” community of contributors!

Good day, #CloudMarathoner community!

I am very glad to announce the latest stats and progress on our community repo “Awesome Azure Bicep”!

What is Awesome Azure Bicep

This is a GitHub repo that helps you to learn and discover resources that are helping you with the adoption of Azure 🚀 Bicep – a new #infrastructureascode approach to manage Azure resources.

📌 Check out a curated list of blogs, videos, tutorials, code, tools, scripts, and anything useful to help you learn Microsoft #AzureBicep language 👉https://lnkd.in/e58nEfbd

Awesome Azure Bicep repo

who are the contributors?

Huge Kudos to #community contributors who made the latest version possible:

Luke Murray
Kasun Rajapakse
John Lokerse
Sam Cogan
Christopher Maneu
Matt Willson

call for action

Thanks for the 145+ 🌟 and 40+ 🍴 from the #community we are growing and looking for your contribution 😍

Please, check this #community maintained and updated repo and feel free to open an issue or provide feedback.

📌 Check out the post details on LinkedIn platform 👍

Thank you for all your hard work!

Festive Tech Calendar 2022 Session details are coming soon!

Hi friends,

I hope you are all excited about the upcoming special, a month-long event.
The Festive Tech Calendar 2022 Session details are coming soon!  

This year, organizers are aiming for something a bit different and more joyful. It will be a joyful learning experience throughout the month of December as the event will bring you much new content from different speakers and communities around the globe.

We are presenting

Awesome news came from the Festive Tech Calendar, as I am presenting this year too, with the recent content on Azure Bicep configuration details.

LinkedIn post details

Thank you, organizers, I will be doing a session with a holiday theme to help our community members with configuring the Azure Bicep development environment.

📌 Visit every day >> https://lnkd.in/dKFawYNn to learn new things!

And don’t forget to check out the DAY 16 😉

Have a festive and warm month in December!


Microsoft Cloud Skills challenge is back with #MSIgnite

Hello Cloud Marathoners!

There is a great announcement from the Microsoft Ignite event that announced the Cloud Skills Challenge will be back this year. YAY !

Cloud Skills Challenge

This is a time bounded event where you choose your tech challenge and earn a Microsoft certification exam by studying the Microsoft technology of your choice.

And this year, there will be 7 challenges available to choose from, select one that’s right for you.

No alternative text description for this image

Registration Page

Complete one of the learning challenges below to get a 100% discount (aka #free) on one of the following Microsoft certification exams:

▶ AZ-305: Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
▶ AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions
▶ DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure
▶ MB-240: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Functional Consultant
▶ MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams
▶ MS-720: Microsoft Teams Voice Engineer
▶ PL-100: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker
▶ SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst

Registration page details are provided here.


Now that you know this great announcement, it is time to get ready for the challenge and learn cool stuff at the Microsoft Ignite 2022 event.

Take care and see you all there!

Microsoft Inspire 2022

Hello Cloud Marathoners,

It is summertime and naturally we all want to enjoy it, right?
Microsoft is scheduled to hold its annual signature event for partners – called Microsoft Inspire in few weeks.

What is Microsoft Inspire?

It is a conference held annually by Microsoft Corporation for its partner organizations and community around the globe. At Microsoft Inspire, partners learn about the Microsoft’s technology announcements for the upcoming year and experience the latest product innovations while learning new skills and techniques.

Microsoft Inspire 2022 registration

Usually, it starts with a keynote from Satya Nadella – a Microsoft CEO and Board Director, followed by other Microsoft executives, featured speakers, business-track specific offerings, and hundreds of sessions.

How to Register?

This year, the Microsoft Inspire will be a virtual event and #free.
Thank you, Microsoft, for opening this event for every organization and people!

Please use the link below to register and don’t forget to pick/book your sessions from Schedule once your registration is completed.

📌 Register for #FREE 👉 https://lnkd.in/e6Ksnd6T
📅 July 19-20, 2022

Hope you will all join and enjoy this event!

OpenHack Serverless is full of fun and challenges

Hello friends,

I had a great opportunity to attend an OpenHack Serverless event and guided my team in their hacking adventure. It was a great training/hacking event where participants team up to solve a close, real-world problem using the technology.

OpenHack: Serverless Coach

What my team did?

My team consisted of five professionals who had various levels of experience with Azure and its Serverless tech stack. As a team they were able to overcome a number of success criteria by solving problems and unlocking next challenges over the day. A number of different serverless technologies have been used in this event, such as:

  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Logic App
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • API Management
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Event Grid
  • Azure Event Hub
  • App Services

How coaches help their Team?

As their Coach, I have leveraged my understanding of how to build and deploy an Azure Serverless solution and lead my team to learn and follow best practices through a Serverless OpenHack event.

My team will leverage these skills to understand and explain the serverless tech challenges to a diverse team of customers. Each participant of this event also provided product feedback directly to Microsoft employees.


If you get an opportunity to participate in a Microsoft OpenHack event, don’t miss that. You will be really challenged with your skills and learn much more while enjoying the event.

Study Guide AZ-305: Part 10 – Design a data integration solution

Hi Cloud Marathoners!

Welcome to the 10th blog post (Part 10/12) of the Azure Architect series to help you get ready for the AZ-305 exam. This post finalizes the third section of this exam – Design Data Storage Solutions.

Our next post will be discussing the last section of this exam – Design Business Continuity Solutions.

And please feel free to check the previous blog posts listed below if you landed on this page for the first time 🙂

Table of content (blog series)

What is the Data Integration ?

It is very natural to wonder – “what is the meaning of data integration”?
In a nutshell, it is a combination of differently sourced data for a high-level overview and analysis. In other words, “Data Integration” – is a common term referring to the requirement to combine data from multiple separate business systems into a single unified view, also known as a single view of the truth.

This unified view is typically stored in a central data repository known as a data warehouse.

Data integration can serve your organization some short- and long-term benefits, including the followings:

✔️ Better Data
✔️ Better Collaboration
✔️ Fast connections between Data Storage
✔️ Increased efficiency and ROI
✔️ Better customer and partner experiences
✔️ A more comprehensive view of your business

Trinamix Cloud Integration solutions with third party software and Oracle  Cloud SaaS applications. - Trinamix

What are the Data Integration solutions in Microsoft Azure?

Application integration often requires connecting multiple independent systems, often in complex ways. This white paper explains how the components of Azure Integration Services—API Management, Logic Apps, Service Bus, and Event Grid—work together to provide a complete solution for integrating both cloud and on-premises applications.

Azure Integration Services

There are several Azure services such as Azure Functions, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Logic Apps are just a few of the services that can help you efficiently solve complex data challenges.

Check out the Overview of Data Integration in Azure from this official resource.

Basic enterprise integration on Azure - Azure Architecture Center |  Microsoft Docs

Part 10: Design a data integration solution

The references below are taken from official Microsoft docs and focused on designing Data Integration solutions in Azure. You could also find it helpful to check the Microsoft docs and learning paths with [Tutorials] below 😉.

This collection of links is gathered with a focus on the exam objectives of the AZ-305 certification exam.

What is Azure Logic Apps?
Azure Logic Apps documentation
What is Azure Service Bus?
Azure Service Bus Messaging documentation
[Tutorials] Azure Logic Apps on Microsoft Learn
[Tutorials] Azure Service Bus on Microsoft Learn
Introduction to Azure Functions
Azure Functions documentation
[Tutorials] Azure Functions on Microsoft Learn

About API Management
API Management documentation
[Tutorials] API Management on Microsoft learn
What is Azure Event Grid?
Azure Event Grid documentation
[Tutorials] Azure Event Grid on Microsoft Learn

Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Factory documentation
[Tutorials] Azure Data Factory on Microsoft Learn
Introduction to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
Overview of Azure Stream Analytics Cluster
Azure Stream Analytics documentation

Transact-SQL features supported in Azure Synapse SQL
Introducing data virtualization with PolyBase
Azure Data Lake
Analytics end-to-end with Azure Synapse
[Tutorial] Implement a Data Streaming Solution with Azure Streaming Analytics
Azure Synapse SQL architecture
What is Azure Synapse Analytics?

[Tutorial] Explore Azure database and analytics services
[Tutorial] Data integration at scale with Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse Pipeline
What is Azure Databricks?
[Blog] 4 common analytics scenarios to build business agility


Thank you for visiting the AZ-305 Study Guide and checking the Part 10: Design a data integration solution.

The next blog post will be continuation with Part 11: Design a business continuity solution.

Study guide DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

Hello Cloud Marathoners!

I am very happy to announce my next Microsoft certification badge!.
This time, I was able to pass the DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power 🚀 BI.

Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate

If you are looking forward to get prepared for this exam, then check out the following resources:

📌 Microsoft Learn modules:
➟ Get started with Microsoft data analytics

➟ Prepare data for analysis

➟ Model data in Power BI

➟ Visualize data in Power BI

➟ Data analysis in Power BI

➟ Manage workspaces and datasets in Power BI

📌 YouTube courses:
➟ Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI | DA-100 Certification Exam Prep

➟ DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI – FULL COURSE in 2 hours

📌 Udemy Course:
➟ DA-100 certification: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI by Phillip Burton at https://lnkd.in/gH5SuQ2F

Microsoft Learn Updates Jan 14, 2022

If you’ve already earned the Data Analyst Associate certification, you will see the new name in your Certification Dashboard on February 28, 2022.

If you’ve been studying for Exam DA-100, no worries. You have until March 31, 2022, to take it. 

If you’ve just started preparing for Exam DA-100, consider reviewing the skills requirements for new Exam PL-300 and switching your focus to the new exam because the exams are very similar.  However, between February 28 and March 31, 2022, learners can pass either exam to earn their Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification.

Microsoft Lean blog
thumbnail image 1 of blog post titled 
							Announcing a new name for the Data Analyst Associate certification


Thank you for reading this post and checking the preparation resources.

Please, feel free to share your experience, as i am planning to keep this post up to date with your valuable contributions going forward. #keeplearning