OpenHack Serverless is full of fun and challenges

Hello friends,

I had a great opportunity to attend an OpenHack Serverless event and guided my team in their hacking adventure. It was a great training/hacking event where participants team up to solve a close, real-world problem using the technology.

OpenHack: Serverless Coach

What my team did?

My team consisted of five professionals who had various levels of experience with Azure and its Serverless tech stack. As a team they were able to overcome a number of success criteria by solving problems and unlocking next challenges over the day. A number of different serverless technologies have been used in this event, such as:

  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Logic App
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • API Management
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Event Grid
  • Azure Event Hub
  • App Services

How coaches help their Team?

As their Coach, I have leveraged my understanding of how to build and deploy an Azure Serverless solution and lead my team to learn and follow best practices through a Serverless OpenHack event.

My team will leverage these skills to understand and explain the serverless tech challenges to a diverse team of customers. Each participant of this event also provided product feedback directly to Microsoft employees.


If you get an opportunity to participate in a Microsoft OpenHack event, don’t miss that. You will be really challenged with your skills and learn much more while enjoying the event.

Post Build Table Topics: Your Cloud Certification Journey

Hello friends,

I hope you all enjoyed the Microsoft Build 2022 and had a chance to look into the Learning Zone and join the Cloud Skills Challenge.

If you did miss most of the Build then no worries, as it has recorded sessions that you can watch on your schedule.

Please, join me and Marcos today, if you missed certification and learning announcements during the Build event. We will address a very important topic: Cloud Certification Journey, and share tips & bits on getting yours started.

Post Build Table Topics: Your Cloud Certification Journey
Post Build Table Topics: Your Cloud Certification Journey

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Cloud Skills Challenge is back with Microsoft Build 2022 👍

Hello Cloud Marathoners,

I have good news for all of you!
Now, you could you earn a #free #examvoucher 💰 (worth 💲165 or £ 113) by completing the #cloudskillschallenge at Microsoft Build 2022. Yay!

Microsoft Build 2022 Cloud Skills Challenge

What is the cloud skill challenges?

Well, each of these learning challenges are set of Microsoft Learn modules. You could read and complete them on your own phase within a month.

📌 Check out these 8 #cloudskills challenges and sign-up to participate 👉

You have a selection choice to pick the right challenge for YOU & earn #free #examvoucher. Available challenges are listed below:

✔️ Microsoft 365: Building Applications and Solutions Challenge
✔️ Azure Developer Challenge
✔️ IoT Developer Challenge
✔️ Azure Cosmos DB Developer Challenge
✔️ Power Platform: Functional Consultant Challenge
✔️ Power Platform: App Maker Challenge
✔️ Microsoft Security: Who Hacked? Challenge
✔️ Data and AI: Who Hacked? Challenge

What happens when I complete a challenge?

You will be notified by email and become eligible to redeem one exam voucher. Exam voucher is an official Microsoft exam payment code (💲165 or £ 113 value) you earn for #free by completing the cloud skills challenge on-time.

📌 Check out the Official Terms and Conditions 👉

You can redeem an #examvoucher for an eligible exam listed below:
🌟 AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution
🌟 AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
🌟 AZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer
🌟 AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions
🌟 DP-420: Designing and Implementing Cloud – Native Applications Using Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB
🌟 MS-600: Building Applications and Solutions
🌟 PL-100: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker
🌟 PL-200: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant
🌟 PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst
🌟 SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
🌟 SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator


I wish you all GOOD LUCK in this challenge 🤞

Please, don’t forget to tag me on LinkedIn or Twitter once your challenge is completed or you pass the exam!

This might be a unique opportunity to earn the first PRO Microsoft #azurecertification for many people in the #cloudcommunity.
Please 🙌 share this with your #network too.

Hope to hear from all of you soon 😊 🤗

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Microsoft Build 2022 is this week

Hello friends,

Hope you are all pumped up and excited for this week’s Build 🚀 event!

It is a special week when Microsoft will be announcing publicly the latest innovations in code and development tools and services to global audience.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about the industry directions in #development#azure#lowcode and how Microsoft is evolving post-pandemic.

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Microsoft Build 2022 Registration

Thus, save the date and register to attend it between May 24-26, 2022.

📌 Register for #FREE 👉 on official site

Have you attended before?

Did you had a chance to attend this awesome event last year?
If yes, then please let me know on LinkedIn chat what is/was your favorite topics or session.

All right, hope you all will enjoy the #MSBuild and share your experience ❤

Cloud Marathoner ranked in the Top 100 Azure blogs

Greetings to my dear Cloud Marathoner friends!

We have a piece of great news to celebrate this week as our blog is one of the 100 Best Microsoft Azure Blogs and Websites in 2022 ( Yay 🎉🎉🎉

Actually, our blog post progressed up by one rank, and now it is in the 56th spot.

#CloudMarathoner on FeedSpot TOP 100 Azure Blogs

Could it make it to the TOP 10 Azure Blogs?

Well, I don’t want to speculate on that but, everything is possible with your help 👍👍👍

Yes, YOU – my dearest readers and supporters 💪 of #cloudmarathoner movement!!!

Thank you for all you do 🙌🙌🙌

What is a FeedSpot blog site?

This site has a very selective editorial team and does a very hard job of on objectively deciding which blogs deserve the top spot for the readers.

I was informed that the FeedSpot editorial team extensively searches on Google and social media websites to find the best Microsoft Azure blogs and ranks them based on several factors such as:

  • Blog content quality
  • Post consistency
  • Age of the blog
  • Average number of shares on social sites of the blog posts
  • Traffic of the blog site and more.

Here is the clear text URL below, where you can find more about the TOP 100 Azure blogs:


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What is new in Azure Bicep v0.6?

Hello freinds,

Thank you everyone who has landed in this page to check out my Global Azure 2022 session – What is new in Azure Bicep language?

I had a great joy while interacting with a number of attendees.
Thank You for checking this blog and please feel free to reach out back with your questions.

What is new in Azure Bicep language?

As you might know, the Azure Bicep language brings a new Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) approach to manage your Azure resources in a clean way.
We also have a classic ARM JSON template that is/was traditionally used to define Azure infrastructure resources in a declarative way.

However, it is not easy to author and maintain ARM JSON templates when your project grows in complexity.

A demo screenshot from the session

But, I have good news for you – Microsoft infrastructure team has been working on new language to ease this process. Thus, an Azure Bicep language is created to simplify management of your infrastructure while re-using the code.

In this, I have introduced new features and capabilities of Azure Bicep v0.5 & v0.6 language. You also see demos on how it is simple to create, manage a modularized Azure infrastructure-as-code, while using familiar tools and extensions on VS Code.

A screenshot from the slides

If you missed this session, no worries, you are covered, as this session was recorded. It is freely availiable on the #cloudmarathoner 🖐 ⏩ YouTube channel here.

The slides and as well as links to the recommended resources are posted on my 🖐 🍴 GitHub repo here.

Please, feel free to check up this GitHub repo, share & fork it as you like 👍

What is the Digital Advertising Fundamentals & how to pass?

Hello Cloud Marathoners,

Two weeks ago, I have earned and shared a Microsoft Advertising badge. I got several request to provide information about the training material and my expereince with the exam.

What is the digital advertising?

Well, if you are you new to digital advertising, then these Microsoft courses will provide you an introduction to the digital marketing industry. You could start learning the foundations and then looking at search, shopping, and display advertising.

Digital Advertising Fundamentals

Earn the Badge

  • By complete the 4 courses in the Learning Path (in any order) you could earn a digital Badge. As you know, it can be shared and verified on LinkedIn or other social media platforms to demonstrate your new knowledge.
  • Keep in mind that each chapter has assessment questions
  • Finally, review all the material and get ready to pass the final assessment

Where you can start?

Checkout the Digital Advertising Fundamentals Learning Path 👉 #sharingiscaring ❤

There are several more Learning paths that you can check below:
Choose a Learning Path or event to get started!

I hope you can get all the resources you need to start your own learning journey in Advert space. Good Luck and keep me posted on your progress!

Getting you ready for Azure Architect AZ-305 exam!

Hello Cloud Marathoners,

Thank you everyone who took a time from their busy schedule and attended my Global Azure 2022 session – Getting you ready for Azure Architect exam!

It was great pleasure to interact with each of you, and Thank You for great questions that you brought during the session.

Getting you ready for Azure Architect AZ-305 exam

In this session, I focused on a number of changes in Microsoft Azure Architect exam, as it might be troublesome to get ready for it with all the digital distractions around us.

However, in this lightning talk, I shared bits and tips on how to focus on the AZ-305 Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions exam objectives and help you to prepare for a big day.

A screenshot from the participants comments

As part of this presentation, I have shared free, official and community learning resources that will boost your knowledge, and hopefully help you pass this important exam with confidence.

A screenshot of an official practice exam reference

If you missed this session, no worries, you are covered, as this session was recorded. It is freely availiable on the #cloudmarathoner ⏯ 🖐 YouTube channel here.

The slides and as well as links to the recommended resources are posted on my 🖐 👨‍💻 GitHub repo here.

Please, feel free to check up this GitHub repo, share & fork it as you like 👍

Career Panel Q&A with Streaming Clouds

Hello friends,

Few days ago, I was really honored to receive an invitation to speak at a great “Career Panel” Q&A event from Robin Smorenburg and Kevin Evans. This event was the first organized event of Streaming Clouds.

Oh boy, it was such an interesting and honest discussion where myself and other guests honestly shared experiences and struggles, while addressing questions from the live audience.

Cloud careers with Streaming Clouds

This panel focused on addressing the following hot question: – How to break into a cloud career or how to get your career journey to the next stage?

This event covered the certifications and how to gain hands-on experience, community and personal branding, and mentorship.

Dear friends, this event was recorded and available for re-watch at the following LinkedIn url.

Study Guide for AZ-305: Part 12 –Design for high availability

Hello friends!

Thank you for following series of blog posts on this Study Guide for AZ-305!

This is the final (Part 12/12) of blog post series to help you get ready for the latest AZ-305 exam.

Feel free to check the previous posts listed below, if you did not look into them yet 🙂

Table of content (blog series)

What is high availability ?

High availability (HA) is an important quality measure of computing infrastructure that is mission-critical for the customer facing applications and overall organization’s systems. High availability permits the computing infrastructure to continue functioning, even when certain components fail.

Thus, cloud solution providers (CSPs) are expected to deliver certain measures and guarantees to claim the high availability of the offered services.

Image showing availability zones that protect against localized disasters and regional or large geography disasters by using another region.
Azure Regions and Availability zones

The diagram below, equates Service Level Agreement (SLA) percentual to actual downtime, measured in seconds per week, month and year.

Measuring SLA table

How to achieve High Availability in Azure?

Azure infrastructure is composed of geographies, regions, and availability zones which in turn limits the impact of a physical server or Sofware update failure and therefore limit potential impact to customer applications and data.

The Azure availability zones construct was developed to provide a software and networking solution to protect against datacenter failures and to provide increased high availability (HA) to the Azure customers.

Infographic: Reliability with Microsoft Azure

Availability zones are playing very important role in designing your HA solution to meet customer needs. Please, read more about the Azure Regions and availability zones here.

High Availability in Azure: App Service, Function Apps | mithun shanbhag's  blog

Part 12: Design for high availability

The references below are taken from official Microsoft docs and focused on designing HA solutions in Azure. You could also find it helpful to check the Microsoft docs and learning paths with [Tutorials] below 😉.

This collection of links is gathered with a focus on the exam objectives of the AZ-305 certification exam.

Regions and availability zones
Azure geographies
Azure services that support availability zones
[Article] Enabling Data Residency and Data Protection in Microsoft Azure Regions
Azure reliability Overview
Build solutions for high availability using availability zones

Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework
Reliability Patterns
High availability and disaster recovery scenarios for IaaS apps
Infographic: Reliability with Microsoft Azure
[Tutorial] Design for high availability
[Tutorial] Configure virtual machine availability

[Tutorial] Describe high availability and disaster recovery strategies
[Tutorial] Monitor the usage, performance, and availability of resources with Azure Monitor
[Tutorial] Plan and implement a high availability and disaster recovery environment
[Tutorial] Deploy highly available solutions by using Azure SQL


This is it folk, we did it!!!

Thank you for visiting the AZ-305 Study Guide and checking the Part 12: Design a solution for backup and disaster recovery and completing your learning journey.

Looking forward and ask for feedback.