How to become a Microsoft Security🛡️ Ninja ⚔ ???

Hello friends,

Recently, I have been asked about good refences to master security echo-system on Microsoft technologies, especially in Cloud security products and services. Thus, I dived into references and compiled following resources for everyone to enjoy 👍👌

Learn about basic to advanced scenarios on network security, MCAS, Defender, Office365 and other security🛡️🔐 services on Microsoft Azure – from following collection of blog posts: 

✔️ Microsoft Cloud App Security Ninja Training

✔️ Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Ninja Training

✔️ Azure Network Security Ninja Training

✔️ Azure Security Center Ninja Training

✔️ Azure Sentinel Ninja Training

✔️ Microsoft 365 Defender Ninja Training

✔️ Microsoft Defender for Identity Ninja Training

✔️ Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Ninja Training

In addition, you could easily join to the Microsoft Security Community, and get latest announcement from here:

Stay tuned …. for upcoming announcements on Microsoft Azure, as all of them will be shared back here 😘

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